We have created an Incubator to help new businesses thrive. Hwadi shares its knowledge with upcoming entrepreneurs who are eager to develop their ideas and ambitions.

We believe that the changing economy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is offering an abundance of business opportunities, and we are positioned to accelerate the design, entry and growth of those opportunities, by putting our know-how and network at the disposal of the entrepreneurs’ ambitions.

Start-Up Support

We offer members of Hwadi’s Incubator the necessary support to develop their ideas into a profitable and sustainable business.

We provide assistance in validating business models in addition to building sound financial, operational, marketing and deployment plans to accelerate the launch of new startups, in addition to increasing their chances of success.

We offer various capacity building workshops ranging from financial, operational, marketing and legal matters, in addition to entertainment industry focused workshops such as Events Key performance indicators and planning guidelines, Events structure and reporting modules, Technology modules, and Health and safety and compliance modules.

Entrepreneurs who wish to benefit from Hwadi’s Incubator will have to submit their application to the Incubator committee.

Entrepreneur Mentorship

At Hwadi’s Incubator, we provide young entrepreneurs with valuable mentorship by matching them with experienced Subject Matter Experts who will provide guidance across various stages of the business.

Access to Capital Sources

As members of Hwadi’s Incubator, young entrepreneurs will benefit from our extensive network of financial institutions and investors. They will have the opportunity to pitch their business projects to decision-makers of various investing structures, ranging from grant programs, sponsors, banks, and investment funds – until they get the necessary financial capital to start their venture.

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