Marketing & Communication

A cutting-edge marketing campaign is an essential component of any brand’s prosperity in an increasingly interconnected world.

At Hwadi, we’ll help you formulate your marketing strategy and execute your campaign, using innovative brand activation techniques while coordinating media and advertising production. We have mastered the art of communication, and we are delighted to put our talent to your service.

Strategic Planning

We’ll guide you towards a successful marketing strategy. We will work with you throughout every step of the process to set marketing goals in line with your business’s mission. We will determine and plan the campaigns to support your growth goals. In accordance with our standards, the whole process will be subject to a time schedule and financial breakdown, determined by our experts in consultation with you.

Brand Activation

We’ll organize a campaign or event for your brand that will grab your audience’s attention and leave a significant impact. Our limitless creativity and trail-blazing approach will turn standard brand activation techniques into genuine surprises for your audience and pleasant encounters with your products or services. Our processes are always sustained by customer feedback and continual improvement.

Campaign Development

We help our clients craft the right message and get it across to their audience, at the right time and on the right channel. We develop customized media campaigns according to the current trends and developments of the market while continuously monitoring its impact and improving it. Our financial team organizes the cost breakdown of the campaign’s budget while our creative team designs and creates all digital and print content.

Media Team-Ups

We assist you in using communication and media channels to increase your visibility, have a greater impact on your message, and consequently, your return on investment. We have extensive experience in combining various media channels for our clients, thus enhancing the effectiveness of their campaigns. We study their audience and customers until we find the perfect way to reach them on a clearly defined brand platform. While using relevant performance indicators, we build a solid campaign in which the client’s messages are coordinated around a single project.


We’ll plan an advertising production strategy in accordance with your media plan. We will clearly define a content production strategy coupled with optimized workflows to leverage the opportunities generated by your media campaign. Our creative team will shape the content and brilliant ideas that will flourish from our collaboration.

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