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We have successfully created entertainment offers that make the eyes wide, the heart race, and the mind active. Shopping for our entertainment activities is a unique experience sought after by family members of all ages.

Through the world of Mahara, Mahara Sports, and our brands Adventure Park and Xation, we have set a series of innovative leisure activities calling for physical sports and mental exercise that will guarantee you a pleasurable experience in a safe environment. Hype restaurants’ finest food and beverages provide the opportunity for a relaxing and regenerating experience.

Mahara Karting

Mahara Karting is an integrated center that brings family members together around exciting and memory-making entertainment experiences.

It offers kart tracks and various activities within gaming zones enhanced with the most innovative AR and VR technologies, arcade games, indoor and outdoor playgrounds, and football pitches.

At the kart tracks, we offer motorsport fans the opportunity to nurture their passion for cars in a safe context under the surveillance of our professionally trained staff. Challenge your friends and your family members; the winner is the driver who sets the fastest lap!

Live shows, iconic cartoon characters, and games will complement your entertainment experience. High-standard restaurants will offer a place to slow down and recharge your batteries with the finest food and beverages.

This entertainment comes with flawless security, as we set and enforce the highest safety standards within the premises.

Your little ones will run around, play, or learn, and you will share a precious moment of togetherness while reconnecting with your childlike energy.


Hype is our high-quality food and beverage brand. It aims to create a distinctive and satisfying experience for all visitors of our entertainment sites. We serve the finest meals and beverages as we take special care in providing a distinguished service where customer satisfaction is our top priority. Take a break or spend quality time with your family and friends around hot or cold drinks, as well as healthy and filling meals from salads, sandwiches, pizzas, and delightful desserts.


Over the years, video games and e-sports have become increasingly popular. We eagerly strive to be the pioneers in organizing E-sports competitions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We create quality E-sports content, organize tournaments and conferences, and develop more gaming centers through our brand Xation.

Xation Gaming Center

Xation is a center for talented and amateur gamers to experience the most sophisticated E-sports equipment on the cutting edge of technology. Gamers can thrive while practicing their favorite E-sports. They can also meet in gaming events and challenge each other on the latest video games during tournaments held regularly in the Xation Gaming Center.

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