Hwadi Events

  Have an event you need planned from A to Z?

Then we’ve got you covered with our expert management services that take whatever you have in mind and transform it into a reality.

This includes the theme, the venue, the journey, and most of all, the efficiency of communicating your message to the public.


Corporate Events

  Our Corporate work covers all your needs to

Have a successful event, and taking care of every detail to put our clients’ minds at ease. Our expertise will exceed the expectation delivering a great events to reach our clients goals either locally or globally. 


Entertainments Events

  Entertainment is the new frontier in the Saudi economy, with world class service, we are able

To bring your imagination to life. From live performance to mega family festivals, Hwadi bring it all with more than 50 IP’s to present to the market. 


Sports Events

  Sport is our passion and fuel. Since 2008 Hwadi been providing unique concept into sports and motorsports introducing it to the local market with Saudi flavor. 


Art & Cultural Events

  In arts events we can encompass a wide range of art genres including music, dance, film, fine art, literature and poetry 


Events Productions

  We specialize in the design, implementation and manufacturing all kinds Stands for products of all raw materials (wood / acrylic / cladding/ steel structures).From Building booths for expos tell display stands. Our dedicated team will design and build your requirements.